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Who We Help

Who SGF Can Help

  • As a private charitable foundation, SGF reserves its assistance for people who are sponsored by a member of the SGF’s board of directors.  We do not accept applications from the general public.
  • Our hope is to help people with a solid work history who have fallen on hard times due to a temporary situation that overwhelms them, such as
    • Sudden health problem
    • Loss of job through no fault of their own, such as downsizing
    • Unexpected major expenses

What SGF Does

  • When a person in need is identified and sponsored by a member of the SGF board, we collect information from the individual about their situation.
  • If the person qualifies for assistance based on the application, SGF determines what assistance will be provided and directly pays those expenses.

Who SGF Cannot Help

  • We do not help people with long-term problems where our help would not solve the problem
  • We do not help people who are currently receiving welfare or other public assistance

What SGF Does Not Do

  • We do not give people cash directly – SGF pays verified expenses directly
  • We do not provide assistance more than once to any person or their immediate family or member of their household.
  • We do not provide long term assistance

SGF treats people fairly, regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation.