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Our Mission


Simple Gifts Foundation (SGF) is a Christian-based charity started to help hard working families and individuals who have fallen on difficult times due to loss of job, health problems or other issues that have caused financial hardship. The SGF grants assistance to all people regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation, as long as they meet the criteria set forth in our policy.

We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and try to imitate his kindness, gentleness and compassion, as best we can by giving to those in need. SGF members started the Foundation with their own money, hard work and time. None of the members receives any compensation for work performed. We are all volunteers, working for free, and our only purpose is to help those less fortunate.  Members of the SGF board itself are not eligible to receive assistance.

SGF provides financial support and direct assistance. SGF is not a long term solution to one’s financial problems. Our aim is to give a bit of relief to families and individuals who have worked hard and have nowhere else to turn. Those we help owe us nothing. We do this work out of love for God and our community. If so moved, those helped might be able to pass the spirit of SGF on by helping others in the community when they get back on their feet. In this way, the love of God can grow and spread to everyone in need.

Please Note: As a private foundation, SGF only assists people referred to us by a member of our board of directors.  We do not accept applications from the general public.