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SGF Helps Mom with Baby

Desiree's Story

Here is a letter we received from a grateful applicant who we helped in the Fall of 2018.


(picture is simulated to illustrate the idea)

Mom with baby

The Simple Gifts Foundation helped my family and me after someone broke into our home while I was in the hospital giving birth to my second son. They stole the savings we planned to use while I was off of work along with countless other possessions. Coming home with a brand new baby to see our house torn apart was devastating. We assume it was someone we knew personally that was aware we weren’t home. Knowing it was someone we trust who broke into our home, stole our money and belongings and tainted what should have been a wonderful memory of bringing our son home was heart breaking and also scary. 

I was afraid I would have to return back to work much earlier than planned and become severely behind on my finances, but the Simple Gifts Foundation paid my mortgage and my car payment, which allowed me to stay home a WHOLE MONTH longer than I would have been able to. I did not have to worry about becoming far behind on my bills and I felt much more comfortable leaving my son to return to work knowing he was a little older and our breastfeeding journey was more established.

I cannot thank the foundation enough for helping me during this time of need. I’m so glad this type of assistance exists for families and plan to donate annually to the foundation, so others can benefit from the help when they come upon an unfortunate event. Thank you for all that you do and God bless. 

Desiree B.