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Assistance Provided

Here are Stories for Just a Few
of the People We Helped

A hard working single mom had just bought a home and delivered her second child. She was cash strapped.  While in the hospital recovering from the delivery, her home was burglarized.  Among the stolen items was the cash she’d saved to be able to afford a maternity leave.  A friend knew about SGF and applied on her behalf.  SGF paid her mortgage and car payment for a month so she could keep her home and be with her baby.

A woman was finally on her own after leaving an abusive relationship.  Then she was hurt in a bad car accident and lost time at work, not to mention the cost of car repairs. She got behind on her bills and was facing eviction.  SGF was able to get her up to date on rent and pay her electric bill so she could get back on track.

woman injured in car crash

A teacher for kids with special needs was going to court to delay her eviction, and shared her story with an Uber driver. Her teaching contract was 10 months, not 12 like she thought, and she ran out of money.   The Uber driver knew of the foundation and referred her to us.  The applicant helped pay part of her back rent, and we paid the rest.

Special Needs Teacher

A man with a solid work history started a new job for more pay, worked hard, and thought he was doing well.  On day 90 of his probationary period, he was released without warning.  He was looking for a new job, but had rent and utilities he couldn’t afford without his paycheck.  The simple gifts foundation helped him get by, and he found another new job the next month.

trouble paying bills

(Note: the images above are actor portrayals.  The stories themselves are real.)



These are just a few examples of the help we provided in 2018.