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Assistance Provided

Here is a description of the assistance we have provided so far


During the 2014 year and into 2015, we were busy forming the organization, securing IRS certification as a 501(c)(3) organization, registering with the State of Ohio, and doing preliminary fund raising (including contributions from the board) to get The Simple Gifts Foundation ready to start.

By the end of 2015, we had succeeded in early fund raising and had our organization officially formed, so we were ready to begin offering assistance. We received a few applications at the end of that year, and began providing assistance.

Our first full year of operation was 2016.  We received more applications that qualified for review than in 2015, and distributed about twice as much assistance. For 2017, we are also on pace to exceed the number of qualified applications and the amount of assistance from 2016.


Year Applications Reviewed Out of Area Criteria Not Met Assistance Provided Total Provided
2015 4 0 1 3 $3,064.25
2016 12 4 3 5 $5,817.79
2017 (to date) 8 3 2 3 $4,642.35