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Annual Reports

The Simple Gifts Foundation submits an IRS Form 990 annually to document our financial details.  You can visit our profile on GuideStar to see these documents.  Graphical summaries are provided below.  

Types of Assistance Provided Annually

Sources of Funding Annually
2015 - 2019

Assistance Provided v. Admininstrative Expenses
2015 - 2019

The Simple Gifts Foundation strives to keep administrative expenses to a minimum.  No one is paid for their work at SGF; we are all volunteers.  Our expenses consist of minor business supplies, a PO Box, hosting fees for our website, and other minor operating expenses.  Over time, we have kept administrative expenses at about 10% of our overall expenditures.  In 2017, a registration fee with the IRS produced a one-time bump in administrative expenses.  

Our fundraisers are also kept to a minimal expense.  For the annual fundraising dinner, and for the golf tournament, expenses for these events are about 35% of the gross receipts.