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Annual Report

Annual Reports from 2015-2016

In the years prior to 2015, the basic structure of the SGF was formed with donations from the board and friends in the community. This allowed us to start the website, register with the secretary of state, form the corporation, apply for 501(c)(3) status, etc. During this time frame, we were not providing assistance.

Our annual reports here begin in 2015, when we first began offering assistance. As the numbers below show, we have had successful fundraisers, have provided substantial assistance, and have kept our administrative costs low. As we look to the future, our principal goal is to develop better public awareness of our foundation so that we can provide assistance to a larger number of people.

Our cash reserves at this time are sufficient to provide about 6 months of operating costs based on historical rates, including direct assistance and administrative expenses. These cash reserves are also needed to pay up front costs for fundraisers.

We thank the accounting firm of Mattison, Yoder and Co. for providing pro bono services to produce our accounting reports and to prepare our returns for filing with the IRS.