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About SGF

Simple Gifts Foundation helps families and individuals in the Columbus and surrounding communities in two different ways:

1. SGF assists people with basic living obligations that are unable to be met due to some type of hardship. Our intention is to provide short-term relief; we are not a long-term solution to financial problems. However, we do want to provide a bit of relief to those who need us.

a. To qualify for SGF assistance, families/individuals must have a work history. Those we help could be candidates who have recently lost their job, or been laid off, through no fault of their own. This also includes a spouse who has lost a job in the same household. Candidates also qualify who are still working but face a personal crisis, such as a spouse or child who is sick with a serious illness, that places them in temporary financial hardship.

b. Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis and the decision to provide assistance or not will be at the sole discretion of the SGF vetting committee, whose decision is final.

c. Applications can be filled out and submitted online. The application must be completed in full, even if an N/A is necessary to complete a box. A SGF representative will contact you personally after reviewing the application, either for more information or to advise you of the committee’s decision. 

d. We are located in Columbus, Ohio, and we are only able to serve people in our local region, The Columbus Metropolitan Area, at this time.

2. SGF also sends volunteers out into the communities we serve to spread the spirit of giving by holding “Spirit Days.” You may find our members at gas stations, passing out gas cards, or at food banks, passing out grocery store gift cards. If you see us, please stop by and say hello.